Standard IFCL 8010:2023


Safety Management systems for chemical logistic storage facilities

Publisher: International Foundation for Chemical Logistics
Pages: 108 pages
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The Seveso III Directive was implemented in the EU in 2012 to reduce the risks associated with the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals.

This Standard shows how a Safety Management System (SMS) can be set up, but does not guarantee that the laws and regulations of each individual country will be complied with.  However, it does provide a good basis for logistics companies to comply with the European Seveso directive.  The aim is to introduce a single standard for companies in chemical logistics.  The examples should be applied to one’s own situation.

This standard has been drawn up by a team of representatives from the business community,  the Dutch trade association for chemical logistics VNCW and the IFCL (International Foundation for Chemical Logistics).

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