Are you a training agency? Make sure your training courses are IFCL certified!

International recognition with your certified hazardous substances – and safety courses

Have your hazardous materials and safety courses certified through the International Foundation for Chemical Logistics. This international recognition of your course ensures that it at least meets the minimum requirements of the relevant course (in accordance with the IFCL standard). A certified course also has an attractive effect, which allows you to increase the number of students.

Although the IFCL standard is still under development, you can already have your course assessed by the IFCL. Feedback will follow after this assessment. If the course has not yet been approved, you can read in the recommendation how you can adjust the course. If this is agreed, you will receive a QR code which you can place on your website with the course. You can also post a link. By scanning the QR code, the student or supervisor can immediately check whether the course meets the minimum requirements of the standard. A link to your course will also be posted on the IFCL site ( Your course’s certification is valid for 3 years, after which it expires. Two months before the end of the certification, you resubmit the course, after which it can be extended.

There are of course conditions attached to the certification:

  • You only place a link to the IFCL or with the logo of the IFCL at the relevant course page of the course that you have certified. In the future the link will be replaced by a QR code. You can have multiple courses certified.
  • You pay a fee (1) per course (also referred to in more detail as ‘license fee’). If your course does not meet the requirements, you may have to pay an additional fee (2). A fee (2) is also charged for renewal (reassessment) of the course to cover costs.
  • If your course no longer meets the requirements, you are obliged to remove the QR code / link immediately. Your course will then be on the site for 3 months with the mention ‘License expired’.
  • The completion of a course by a student does not guarantee that he will pass an exam or that he or she has no bad intentions with the knowledge of the content of the course. The purchaser of a license indemnifies the IFCL for this and assumes liability for direct or indirect damage. We assume that terms and conditions are included on the website of the course provider.
  • Certification of a course does not guarantee that any national legislation not mentioned in the course will be noticed. Of course we will do our best to notice this with a certification.
  • Your course is safe with us. The course content is not shared with third parties.
  • If the course or the organization that offers the course no longer complies with ‘good practice’ or promotes discrimination, war or crime for reasons, the license will be revoked without refund of license fees. With the statement of this reason ‘licence withdrawn due to infringement of rules’, the license will be visible for another 3 months.

If you want to have your course certified now, first check here which courses can currently be certified and which minimum requirements your course must meet. Please note that a complete standard will be published in the future in which the requirements may be further specified. Get your course(s) certified now!

Send the course(s) to info (at) You will then receive an invoice for the fee from the IFCL. After payment*, the assessment takes place and the course(s) can be certified.    * fees: (1) € 495,- (ex vat) (2) € 350,- (ex vat)

Yes, we want to have the following course certified and we agree to the above conditions (one form per course).

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