The International Foundation for Chemical Logistics (IFCL) is excited to announce the development of an innovative Best Practice Standard for the storage of hazardous materials in general cargo, with the largest package an Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). This pioneering initiative aims to set new benchmarks in safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship within the chemical logistics sector.

The comprehensive standard will cover critical aspects of hazardous material storage, including fire resistance of storage areas, employee training requirements, incident management, and the segregation of incompatible substances. The standard is being designed to cater to various storage capacities, with specific guidelines for small-scale storage cabinets up to 250 liters or kg, medium-scale storage up to 10,000 liters or kg, and large-scale storage exceeding 10 tons per fire compartment.

The IFCL is committed to developing a standard that not only enhances safety and operational effectiveness but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and compliance within the industry. The project is currently in its initial phase, with an expert panel comprising leading scientists, industry professionals, and regulatory experts working collaboratively to draft the standard.

The IFCL extends an open invitation to stakeholders across the chemical logistics spectrum, including storage facility operators, safety professionals, regulatory bodies, and environmental organizations, to contribute their expertise and insights to this important initiative. By participating in the development process, contributors can ensure that the standard reflects the latest scientific knowledge, technological advancements, and best practices in hazardous material management.

The Best Practice Standard is expected to be released in draft form by the end of the year, after which it will undergo a rigorous review and consultation process with industry stakeholders. The IFCL encourages all interested parties to join this collaborative effort to shape the future of hazardous material storage and to contribute to creating a safer, more sustainable chemical logistics industry.

For more information on how to participate in the development of the Best Practice Standard or to register your interest, please contact  projects(at)

About the International Foundation for Chemical Logistics (IFCL)

The International Foundation for Chemical Logistics (IFCL) is a leading global organization dedicated to advancing safety, sustainability, and best practices in the chemical logistics industry. Through collaboration with industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and research institutions, the IFCL develops standards, guidelines, and educational resources aimed at improving the handling, storage, and transportation of chemical products worldwide.

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