The International Foundation for Chemical Logistics (IFCL) and the Dutch Association for Chemical Warehousing (VNCW) are collaborating to develop a best practice guide for dealing with scenarios involving lithium-ion batteries in warehouses. This initiative is being undertaken to address the growing concerns regarding the safe handling and storage of these batteries, which have become increasingly prevalent in various industries, including the automotive, electronics, and energy sectors.

Lithium-ion batteries have become the preferred power source for many applications due to their high energy density, light weight, and longer life span compared to other battery technologies. However, these batteries also pose a significant safety risk, especially when they are mishandled, damaged, or improperly stored. The risk of thermal runaway, explosion, and fire is particularly high when these batteries are exposed to heat, mechanical stress, or other adverse conditions.

The IFCL and VNCW recognize the importance of developing a comprehensive best practice guide to address the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries in warehouses. The guide will cover various aspects of lithium-ion battery storage, including transportation, handling, and storage procedures, as well as emergency response planning and risk mitigation strategies.

The guide will also provide specific recommendations on how to identify and manage different types of lithium-ion batteries based on their chemistries, sizes, and configurations. It will also cover the various regulatory requirements and international standards that apply to the handling and storage of lithium-ion batteries.

The development of this best practice guide is a collaborative effort that involves input from various stakeholders, including industry experts, government agencies, and battery manufacturers. The IFCL and VNCW are committed to promoting the safe handling and storage of lithium-ion batteries in warehouses and ensuring that the guide is regularly updated to reflect the latest industry best practices.

The IFCL and VNCW’s collaborative effort to develop a best practice guide for handling lithium-ion batteries in warehouses is a significant step towards enhancing safety and minimizing the risks associated with these batteries. The guide will provide valuable guidance for industry professionals, regulators, and other stakeholders and will help ensure that lithium-ion batteries are stored and handled in a safe and responsible manner.


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