The establishment of the International Foundation for Chemical Logistics (IFCL) is a fact. The primary goal of this international foundation is to increase safety within chemical logistics. The secondary goals are to strive for international standards, to provide certification standards and to disseminate knowledge to contribute to that safety. A step-by-step plan has been drawn up for the roll-out of the IFCL to achieve the goals.

The logistics of chemical goods involves dangers, for which good knowledge and clear regulations and standards are very important. With the goals set by the IFCL and the program that has been put together for this, an ambitious challenge is taken on. Some realism can be detected here. By gradually rolling out the foundation at a leisurely pace, a solid foundation is created.

The new foundation will first of all look for Country representatives who will form the face of the Foundation in a country. These ambassadors map out laws and regulations in their country and ensure contacts with local companies. Forming an international network will provide a solid platform that will enable international knowledge exchange in the long term. At the same time, registers will be opened where companies in chemical logistics can register and be searchable at a later stage.

In the next step, an international index for legislation and regulations will be compiled in which references to knowledge documents will be made per country. In the following phase, standards for chemical logistics will be drawn up in international standards committees, followed by the formation of standards for certifications. An international Advisory Board will also be set up to further strengthen the international presence.

Registers have already been opened on the Foundation’s website in which companies that are directly or indirectly involved in chemical logistics can register.

International register ‘Chemical Logistics companies’

International register ‘Qualified Fire Extinguishing system – and consulting companies’

International register ‘Dangerous goods Safety advisors’

International register ‘Qualified hazmat education companies’

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